• Because of license issue, Lightbox 2 is not included in Folder Gallery anymore. You have to install it yourself (see FAQ)
  • Folder Gallery doesn’t include any JS lightbox engine anymore. You have to install one yourself (see FAQ)
  • Reorganize Settings page
  • Add an option to force 777 permissions to cache folders

1.5b2 [2014-02-22]

  • Because of license compatibility, Fancybox 2 is not included in Folder Gallery anymore. You have to install it yourself or use a Fancybox plugin (see FAQ)
  • Change the location of Lightview 3 installation (see FAQ)
  • Support for Responsive Lightbox Plugin
  • Support for Easy Fancybox Plugin
  • Global option to set transition effect when Fancybox 2 engine is selected
  • Option (and attribute) to sort pictures randomly
  • Rewrite directory scan : support for gif, bmp pictures ; sort by date option

1.4 [2013-08-31]

  • Global option to display the caption under the picture thumbnail.
  • Several changes in layout and CSS. Hopefully it breaks nothing!
  • New ‘smartfilename’ option for caption style
  • Option (and attribute) to sort pictures by filename in reverse order
  • Improved captions support
  • Compatibility with PhotoSwipe WP plugin
  • Minor bug fixes

1.3 [2013-08-05]

  • Update Lightbox 2 JS to 2.6 (JQuery/Wordpress 3.6 compatibility)
  • Update Fancybox JS to 2.1.5
  • Global option to set picture’s subtitle style (default, subtitle, subtitlewithoutextension, none)
  • Global option to set autoplay speed when Fancy Box engine is selected.
  • Option to display the thumbnails of the first pictures only. Read the FAQ!
  • Several changes and improvements related to single-thumbnail-gallery (thumbnails=”single”). Read the FAQ!
  • Misc bug corrections

1.2 [2013-03-16]

  • Pictures are now sorted alphabetically
  • Global option to change title style when fancybox engine is selected
  • Misc changes to support a forthcoming plugin

1.1 [2013-02-18]

  • Add a ‘thumbnails’ option/attribute to set how many thumbnails should be displayed in the gallery : all (default), single or none (display a link instead).
  • Improved error messages
  • Update FAQ

1.0 [2013-02-03]

  • Fix a problem with case of file extension of thumbnails.
  • Update Fancybox to 2.1.4

0.97 [2013-01-16]

  • Scripts are only loaded on pages with galleries
  • Add support for fancybox (included)
  • Add an option to change gallery ‘engine’ (Lightbox, Fancybox, Lightview when installed or None)
  • Misc changes

0.95 [2013-01-10]

  • Internationalization (English, French)
  • Support for Lightview 3 (see FAQ)
  • Code cleaning
  • Small improvements

0.92 [2013-01-05]

  • Add a 0-column option (When ‘Images per Row’ is set to 0, the number of columns is set automatically.)
  • Misc changes

0.90 [2013-01-05]

  • First released version