Folder Slider 0.91 released

Folder Slideshow was my first attempt to create a folder-slideshow plugin. It uses SlidesJS jQuery Plugin. But SlidesJS has only a few options, so I’ve decided to move to bxSlider jQuery Plugin. Instead of  updating my Folder Slideshow plugin (and possibly breaking some web sites using it), I’ve preferred to create another plugin with a different name.

If you use Folder Slideshow, you should consider moving to Folder Slider, since I should not update Folder Slideshow anymore.

This new plugin works the same way as Folder Slideshow, using a shortcode to create a slider from a folder of pictures uploaded somewhere on the server. You can customize the slider with many options.

Here’s a sample (using the code [folderslider folder="wp-content/photos" mode=fade speed=2 captions=filename playcontrol=false]) :

  • DSC01291.jpg
  • IMGP2361.jpg
  • LeDorat12.jpg
  • aubazine25.jpg
  • monedieres30.jpg
  • stjeandecole13.jpg

Folder Slideshow 0.9 released

Today I’ve released the first pre-version of my new WordPress plugin Folder Slideshow.

it displays a simple slideshow from a folder of pictures (uploaded by FTP) without the need to upload the pictures to WordPress Media Manager.

This plugin uses Slides JS 1.1.0 by Nathan Searles –

Here’s a sample (using the code [folderslideshow folder="wp-content/photos" padding=5 border=2 effect=slide])

[folderslideshow folder=”wp-content/photos” padding=5 border=2 effect=slide]

Folder Gallery 0.97

Yesterday, I’ve released version 0.97 of Folder Gallery. The main changes are related to the lightbox JS engine.

You can now choose between Lightbox 2 and Fancybox 2 to display your gallery. A third option (already available in 0.95) is to use Lightview 3. But you have to install Lightview by hand (see readme).

A last option (“None”) removes all lightbox script from the galleries generated by Folder Gallery. That way, you can use another plug-in to display the gallery pictures. This works with many lightbox plugin including Fancybox 1.0.7+ by Kevin Sylvestre, jQuery Colorbox 4.5+ by Arne Franken, Lightview Plus 3.1.3+ by Puzich.

You can get Folder Gallery at

Enjoy !