Folder Slideshow 0.9 released

Today I’ve released the first pre-version of my new WordPress plugin Folder Slideshow.

it displays a simple slideshow from a folder of pictures (uploaded by FTP) without the need to upload the pictures to WordPress Media Manager.

This plugin uses Slides JS 1.1.0 by Nathan Searles –

Here’s a sample (using the code [folderslideshow folder="wp-content/photos" padding=5 border=2 effect=slide])

[folderslideshow folder=”wp-content/photos” padding=5 border=2 effect=slide]

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  1. Hi I download this plug in V0.96 but it shows this error message

    Folder Gallery Error: Unable to find the directory /fotos/hnos_bustillos/sellamiento_slides

    I noticed Folder Gallery instead of folder slideshow

    I’m not able to run the plug in
    Thanks for your help

  2. Jose, The path doesn’t seem to be correct. it should start with wp-content/… (if you stores your pictures somewhere inside wp-content folder.

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