Folder Gallery 0.97

Yesterday, I’ve released version 0.97 of Folder Gallery. The main changes are related to the lightbox JS engine.

You can now choose between Lightbox 2 and Fancybox 2 to display your gallery. A third option (already available in 0.95) is to use Lightview 3. But you have to install Lightview by hand (see readme).

A last option (“None”) removes all lightbox script from the galleries generated by Folder Gallery. That way, you can use another plug-in to display the gallery pictures. This works with many lightbox plugin including Fancybox 1.0.7+ by Kevin Sylvestre, jQuery Colorbox 4.5+ by Arne Franken, Lightview Plus 3.1.3+ by Puzich.

You can get Folder Gallery at

Enjoy !

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